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My entire life has revolved around one goal: get into medical school. When it happens I should celebrate with champagne and streamers and a bouncy castle-right?

Instead, my heart feels like it’s being ripped in two-follow my dreams or follow my heart? I can thank Chase Westbrook for that.

He’s my brother’s best friend. He also happens to be what wet dreams are made of. He’s absolutely perfect and he’s in love with me-he’s also incredibly persistent. He’s busy chasing me while I’m focused on chasing my dreams.

I’m trying to have my cake and eat it too. I won’t ask him to wait for me, but I hope he does anyway. I can’t let anything distract me or get in the way of my goals-and his blond hair, blue eyes, and washboard abs would be a major distraction.

He tells me he loves me, so I push him away in grandiose fashion. But Chase Westbrook isn’t a quitter, and if he keeps chasing me I’m going to get caught.





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